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Florida Local Info is a website dedicated to promote, advertise and connect business of a specific area with people in the same area online.

Through this website, customers can reach local businesses and build relationships. B2B relationships can also be started through this simple, yet complete site. The best of all: Florida Local Info is an absolutely FREE service.

We Believe:
• Best things in the world are FREE
• Local businesses are capable of providing a better experience and service than big stores thanks to the knowledge of the people who live in the area and the commitment with their community.
• Local businesses are the base of our economy.
• Internet is now one of the best ways to network and reach more target people at a low cost.
• Purchasing in a local business benefits the economy of the specific area/city in which people live, promoting the wellness of local economy.

Services and Benefits

floridalocalinfo.com is an interactive business directory. You can:
- Add your business in the area it is located
- Suggest a Business
- Modify the information of your business so consumers can reach you easily.
- Discuss about your products and/or services in our forum with consumers, write your blog, advertise your promotions, coupons, special offers or events.
- Add pictures to attract the attention to your company, include your website address and generate more visits to your website and let consumers know more about your products.

All this for FREE.